random facts about me :o)

hi, welcome to my little Webbed Site! I'm Chelsea and I enjoy drawing, needle felting, Rilakkuma, 80s and 90s toys, video games and teddy bears!

I'm 25 and I've been actively drawing for about 13 years and needle felting for around 3!
I'm also learning a Bit of basic 3d modeling and game design, I'd love to be able to make even just a very simple and abstract game of some kind one day.

I really enjoy whimsical, pastel and cute aesthetics mixed with the weird and existential

Animal Crossing is my favorite game franchise of all time, and I vividly remember earnestly writing actual letters to my villagers when I was a kid

I also love the original Drawn To Life games!

I have autism and adhd

I'm nonbinary

I didn't really experience geocities when it was around, but I played a lot of neopets in the early 2000s and I really love the aesthetic of old school webpages especially ones that look like they were designed by a middleschooler lol

I absolutely love beargguy kits and one of my Dreams is to have a whole big collection of them

my favorite comic book character is Venom (more the 90s iteration than the modern one)

Rilakkuma is my favorite mascot character. Just look at him

That's all I got for now, see ya!

I am mozzarella!
Cheese Test: What type of cheese are you?